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Breathe Free with Cleaner Air and Ducts

There’s a lot in the air that you cannot see. Unwanted contaminants like dust, dander, foul odors, and chemicals can fill the air in your home or business, aggravating your allergies, respiratory issues, and general health.

Turn to Schroeder’s for comprehensive air purification and duct cleaning services. We install the right air purification system to improve the air you breathe and ensure your ducts are free from debris. We serve homes and businesses throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air cleaners are effective at targeting contaminants, providing noticeable improvements in air quality. They capture the tiniest impurities, removing an array of indoor pollutants from any room of your home or business.

In addition to air purification, our duct cleaning services ensure that your HVAC system operates efficiently, preventing the circulation of pollutants throughout your home or business. Your indoor air quality impacts the comfort level of your home or business. Poor air isn’t just musty or stale air. Impurities may trouble anyone with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illnesses.